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Monday, 15 February 2016

2019 a Space Odyssey - Mere Fantasy -The International Fake Station Hoax

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                                              ISS Fantasy                                        
space earth planet station

The International Space Station (ISS) crew members (L to R) Kate Rubins of the U.S., Anatoly Ivanishin of Russia and Takuya Onishi of Japan © Shamil Zhumatov


Gateway to the Stars: Founding Anniversary of Russian Space Station Mir 
                                                                MERE Fantasy

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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Operation Barbarossa - Nazi Germanys Invasion of the Russia June 22nd 1941

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history war wwii ww2 world war 2history war wwii ww2 world war 2history hitler wwii ww2 world war 2

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Zager and Evans in the Years 2525

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Waipoua Forest Stone City New Zealand - - forbidden history

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Waipoua Forest Stone City - New Zealand
Ancient stone structures covering 100's of acres - buildings, walls etc
Waipoua Forest Stone City - pre Maori?
Are these structures pre Maori?
Why are they allowed to be destroyed?

Waipoua Forest Stone City New Zealand
- forbidden history and pre Maori?

Waipoua Forest Stone City New Zealand - ancient structures North island - Maori or pre Maori - forbidden history
The Waipoua Forest Stone City, North Island, New Zealand is an amazing stone built settlement. The sheer size of it is stunning and so is the fact that it is totally ignored by New Zealand. Here you have a unique stone city or structures for New Zealand yet its destruction by tree logging is being allowed.
If the Waipoua Forest Stone City was a proven and claimed ancient settlement by the Maori's would its destruction be allowed? Whatever your thoughts on its origin it is a stunning area of New Zealands historic past.

The Waipoua Forest Stone City New Zealand covers many acres that I could find and is meant to cover over 500 acres! There are stone structures such as walls, terraced slopes and collapsed "Beehive" buildings. These stone buildings were a standard way of constructing a stone house back in the day. You can see more of these collapsed "Beehive" houses and the village settlement they are found in at the subtly mind blowing Tapapakanga Park, New Zealand (also on the North Island).
Waipoua Forest Stone City New Zealand collapsed ancient beehive houses dwellings structures Waipoua Forest Stone City New Zealand collapsed ancient structures walls compounds pre Maori forbidden history
Waipoua Forest Stone City - collapsed Beehive buildings/houses and wall structures

stone beehive huts houses collapsed
stone beehive huts/houses found on Malta
Are the stone piles found in the Waipoua Forest variations of collapsed stone beehive huts found around the world? There are still stone huts in a beehive style found on Malta.

Waipoua Forest - stone structures but for what?

maori stone adzes waipoua forest tools weapons
stone adzes found at the Waipoua Forest - Maori or pre Maori?

Are the stone structures found at Waipoua Forest for a stone city settlement or could they have been constructed for another purpose?
You have to remember that the Waipoua Forest was not always there or may have not always covered this area. The collapsed Beehive houses now have trees growing on them but it would have been difficult to construct a stone settlement of this size if there was a forest in the way.
If there are not a lot of human living remains, that you would expect from a stone city, then were the Waipoua Forest stone structures designed, built and used for another purpose?
Could the Waipoua Forest stone structures have been used to help grow crops using the natural power of an Electric Universe? The stone structures attracting/storing/distributing the natural energy flowing through the Earth? Similar to the "temple" structures of Malta and stone buildings of Skara Brae, Orkney Isles?
Ancient stone structures and even the puzzling statues of Easter Island were likely to be used to harness the natural power of the Universe.

Waipoua Forest Stone City - Maori or pre Maori?

The Waipoua Forest Stone City is very controversial due to the problems of its origin and the reaction of the New Zealand Government. The Maori's make no claim to know what/how/why the Waipoua Forest Stone City exists. So it seems unlikely that it is Maori. The other issue is that the Waipoua Forest Stone City should be a national treasure if not a world wide historic place. Yet not only is it being ignored and not protected its destruction is actually being encouraged.
This leads naturally to the conclusion that it is not Maori and that the New Zealand Government do not want its existance to be acknowledged by the public or world at large.
How can such an amazing place be allowed to be destroyed in front of a countries very eyes unless that is what they want?

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