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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hess and Hess Fly to Britain Greg Hallett

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Hess and Hess Fly to Britain

Hess and Hess Fly to Britain
May 1941

The British summoned the real Hess (the Deputy Führer from 1933) through secret channels to Scotland and had arranged 10 May 1941 as his most portentous day. Switzerland, Portugal (British) or Spain (Fascist), Scandinavia, and Czechoslovakia were other possible destinations for his flight, but these were all optional decoys. At the same time a doppelganger Hess flew to Scotland from a different location in Germany.

The dates on both the real Hess’s and the doppelganger Hess’s three weather maps illustrated these other destinations. The fact that they had three weather maps meant that the real Hess did not know where he was going until after he had refuelled in northern France and received additional directions. The lack of clarity was intended from the beginning so that the myth of the real Hess (1884-1941) being an accidental defector or madman could be maintained and he would never be found.

The real Hess, Hitler’s best friend and second in command, left Germany in secret on 10 May 1941 and landed his Messerschmitt Mel 10C near Abbeville in north-west France in a makeshift airfield. The Germans had secured these airfields all over France for the Battle of Britain (over eight months earlier). These were essentially flat grassed strips with a tower holding gravity-fed fuel and a telephone.

The real Hess refuelled himself and received further instructions by telephone as to his destination and departure time. He camped the night and was due to fly out the following evening, setting himself above the tail end of the Luftwaffe blitz on London. Karl Horn was with him.

The Omega Files say that Hess flew to England on 10 May 1941 to stop the war with Britain and was arrested as a ‘war criminal’. However, they do not say that Hess spent a layover-night in France in order to wait for cover from the blitzkrieg. The blitzes went from September 1940 to May 1941 and Hess’s cover was the last of the blitzes. Six weeks later Germany was focusing on Russia.

Hess’s body double was well trained and this mission had been planned for a long time by both the British and the Germans. Doppelganger Hess knew all of real Hess’s history and had become an expert pilot.

The following day as 5.45 pm on 11 May 1941, doppelganger Hess took off from Augsburg airfield near Munich in a not unpublicised event. The last person to speak to him was Hitler’s radio dentist, Dr Friedrich Kohn, who belonged to the same secret Tibetan Lodge as Hitler, as did his quack doctor, Theodor Morell.

Augsburg is 50 km north-west of Munich and 30 km north of Landsberg Prison. Doppelganger Hess took off in the next model of Messerschmitt, the MellOD, and flew low and north at 385 kmph (238 mph) to Cologne in northern Germany and refuelled. He took off from Cologne at 7.35 pm, heading across the islands off Holland and into Dutch airspace, where he linked up with the head of SS Intelligence, Reinhard Heydrich, who was an avid pilot. He was flying in Dutch airspace with Allied attention elsewhere on the blitzkrieg. Heydrich had three special SS pilots with him.

The real Hess was given specific instructions when to leave the makeshift airfield near Abbeville on the evening of 11 May 1941 and what flight paths to take. He was instructed to avoid the flak corridors, where they were most likely to get hit, and to fly at different heights and different speeds until he met with the blitzkrieg raid (‘lightning war’) on London. He was instructed to fly over the top using the Luftwaffe for cover during his most exposed time. Hess then met with the three escort planes by flying parallel on a bearing over Waddenilanden, the chain of islands stretching across northern Holland.

Goering was the commander of the Luftwaffe and a German-born British agent. This meant the British controlled many aspects of the German Air Force and knew what they were doing most of the time, including the London blitzes. Even before a blitzkrieg was predicted by the full moon, or detected by radar, the British knew what the Luftwaffe plans were. They were also prepared to assist them into battle.

Prior to WWII the Germans had been having problems with their aircraft’s fuel injection and coughing during turns. In the late 1930s, under MI-6 advice, Rolls Royce invited German officials to visit their factory where MI-6 had got them to turn their engines upside down. According to MI-6, the meeting was designed to lead the Germans up the garden path, but ‘engine inversion’ solved the German problems, and many others besides. As a result, German fighters were superior to British Spitfires ... totally by accident of course, old chaps.

As a German-British agent, Goering was opposed to any genuine peace talks and he supported a stitch-up against the gay married-for- cover Hess. Hess was queer for Hitler but had a devoted wife. Goering phoned Leutnant Colonel Adolf Galland, the Gruppe Kommandeur on the French airstrip at Abbeville, the most north-west airstrip in France, and requested that he intercept Hess and shoot him down. Goering had good cover to do so as Hitler had grounded Hess.

“Early in the evening of May 10th Galland got an extraordinary telephone call from Goering, who sounded ‘very agitated’ and ordered Galland to take off immediately with his entire wing. When Galland pointed out that there were no reports of any enemy aircraft flying in, Goering shouted, ‘Flying in? What do you mean flying in? You’re supposed to stop an aircraft flying out! The Deputy Führer has gone mad and is flying to England in an Mel 10. He must be brought down.’”'

Leutnant Colonel Galland failed to accomplish the mission. Hess was not shot down over France or Holland and made it to Scotland.

Once the real Hess had established the three escort planes, the four Messerschmitts flew over the English Channel towards Scotland. Hess (with Karl Horn) flew above doppelganger Hess for the rest of the journey. They turned north-west until the Hesses found the signal from their night navigation radio direction signal. Both Hess planes had been specially fitted with a Kleve Knickbein radio night navigation receiver positioned for the pilot rather than gunner-navigator control. Hess’s Mel 10C and doppelganger Hess’s MellOD were both fitted with two 66 gallon drop tanks for the final leg of the journey.

It was a clear moonlit night with little or no cloud cover and the planes were clearly visible from any ships below. Doppelganger Hess continued to fly very closely below the real Hess, protecting him from any seaborne assault. Southern England was far better protected by fighters than northern England and there was even less threat during a blitz.

If the Hesses had been intercepted before they were able to enter the Duke of Hamilton’s airspace, Heydrich and his decoy were there to lure away interceptors in their Mel09E’s. According to the British version on 11 May 1941 Hess’s plane was spotted by eye and radar just after the blitz in the well-lit full-moon sky as it flew towards Scotland. “But even as the bomber streams made their way toward the burning capital, to their north flew a single Messerschmitt 110 fighter flown by the Deputy Führer of the German Reich, Rudolf Hess. The single aircraft was detected by British radar. British nightfighters were sent up to intercept and shoot it down, but they failed to make the intercept.”2

Heydrich and his special SS-flown Me109E escort protected the Hesses MellO’s halfway across the North Sea (north of the English Channel) and then split off. The Mel09E’s didn’t have the necessary navigation equipment or fuel capacity to fly all the way to Scotland. The Hesses then banked, travelling north at about 220 mph (350 kmph) climbing slowly to 15,000 feet (4500 m).

There four planes flown by Heydrich, the SS pilots, Doppelganger Hess and real Hess were all 350 km away and well out of British airspace. Hess’s plane had no ability to fire, as it had been stripped of extra weight for the long journey, and when doppelganger Hess’s plane was investigated after the crash it was discovered that all of the guns had been greased up. Neither Hess nor doppelganger Hess could shoot at each other if they caught on to what was going on, nor could they retaliate against any fire from the British.

As it turned out, the Hess Mel 10 planes were allowed to pass with overriding orders given not to shoot them down (shades of 9-11). It was Scotland’s highest-ranking Freemason, the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon who called off the Bolton-Paul Defiant Nightfighters sent from London. This allowed the real Hess and the doppelganger Hess to land safely in Scotland.

The winner of the war always writes the dominant history. “To their north flew a single Messerschmitt 110 fighter flown by the Deputy Führer” was just British propaganda - confusing the truth, as is commonly found in victorious history books. This was another layer to the British part of the Hess cover-up and the British sabotage of peace. The blitz had stopped the real Hess and his escorts from being spotted just hours earlier.

Hess had no idea that the plane flying closely below him was his doppelganger. Doppelganger Hess remained close and out of view so as not to be seen by Hess or spotted by radar. At the time, radar was in its infancy and two planes flying close, one over the other, appeared as one plane.

This can still be done today as long as the planes have the same radar signature. The 'two planes become one’ by flying to the edge of the radar screen, aligning their paths and then re-emerging onto the screen. In this way a fighter plane can be introduced to airspace under cover of a passenger plane. When Heydrich and the SS escort parted, the two MellO’s flown by the Hesses banked north off the radar screen.

The Hesses proceeded north with the real Hess closely above doppelganger Hess until they intercepted the Stavanger Knickbein radio direction signal at 9.24 pm. They then banked sharply to the west and headed towards RAF Acklington. They had a tailwind and it was perfect flying weather. The moon was reflecting off the water and they were able to recognise coastal features.

Approaching Scotland the Hesses dived for cover amongst what clouds they could find until they reached about 5000 feet (1500 m). They crossed the coast at 10.25 pm and flew off the Knickbein and circled around the visible Holy Island showing all the world that they were not concerned about the Bolton-Paul Defiant Nightfighters. This is a Secret Operations and doppelganger signature.

Doppelganger Saddam Hussein did the same thing when he touched his jaw with the fingers of both hands on the night of his capture, 13 December 2003.

The Hesses then headed for the Duke of Hamilton’s Dungavel Castle and overshot it as they headed for the glistening waterways on the west coast of Scotland. Doppelganger Hess had overshot Dungavel castle by 60 km to purposely escort Hess and Horn to the Liberator flights at Preswick (35 km from Dungavel Castle and 5 km north of Ayr). They were travelling at 238 mph (385 kmph), so this would have taken another 5 minutes there and 7 minutes back.

Karl Horn, the gunner in the real Hess’s plane, was an Olympic long-distance runner from the previous Berlin Olympics (1936) where the Duke of Hamilton had attended. Karl Horn parachuted out before they circled West Kilbride, landed and made his way to a rendezvous with an American General and caught a Liberator flight to America in an attempt to plead his case for peace there.

Hess and doppelganger Hess then flew around West Kilbride below radar. The real Hess slowed down, peeled off, and landed at the Liberator landing strips at Preswick under cover of a mass of planes leaving for America at exactly the right time. Hess’s landing had been precisely coordinated with the Americans.

This confused the radar and no one was alerted by the noise. Hess landed safely and was detained amidst secrecy, then interrogated with as much information as possible extracted from him before he was killed. His execution was kept secret.

Rudolf Hess (26 April 1894-13 May 1941).

“The radar noted that at a certain point over Scotland - near Dungavel, Stratheven, Lanarkshire, seat of the fourteenth Duke of Hamilton, premier peer of Scotland [and very high ranking Freemason] the aircraft began to spiral and then disappeared. It was thought at the time that it had been intercepted by a nightfighter, a Defiant [Bolton- Paul Defiant Nightfighter], and shot down.”3

The Secret Servant does not note that the plane circled around Holy Island, that there were two planes, that they circled around West Kilbride and that one plane landed at Preswick. The winner of the war always records the war, with history rewriting interference, and always omits the details of its double agent dealings.

Doppelganger Hess maintained his speed, made a chaotic circuitous route in order to sight Hess’ landing, then followed the Scottish landmarks and glistening railway lines over Western Scotland finding his way back to Dungavel Castle (near Glasgow).

King George V’s fourth son, the Duke of Kent (39) was waiting with a group of Polish officers at Dungavel Castle. Special Operations 1 (SOI) had all the correct players in place just in case there was a double agent leak. The Duke of Kent then flicked on the runway lights. Doppelganger Hess realised the runway was too short and he’d crash into the trees at the end, so he overshot it and looked for a field to land in.

Doppelganger Hess did not have enough avgas to make it back east 160 km to the RAF airstrip at Acklington. Not finding a suitable field and having already accomplished half of his mission, he flew another 20 km north to Eaglesham Moor, where he ran out of avgas, flipped his plane upside down and bailed.

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Heydrich and his SS guard flew Messerschmitt Mel09E (German Bfl09).

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The Hesses flew Messerschmitt Mel IOC & MellOD (above), which the Germans called Bf110. Below, a Liberator B-24.

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As doppelganger Hess bailed out he chipped a bone in his foot on the plane’s tail. He landed by parachute on a field not far from Floors Farm in the Eaglesham Moor. His plane crashed and exploded at 11.09 pm, 20 km from Dungavel Castle. It was close enough to walk through the night, but his foot was a problem.

“Hess had abandoned the aircraft by parachute, hoping to land in the grounds of Dungavel where he might have a conversation of a highly secret nature with the duke, a man Hess admired. But Wing Commander the Duke of Hamilton was on duty that night at an RAF base in Scotland [Preswick] and was not at Dungavel. In parachuting, Hess also failed to land on the grounds of Dungavel estate - the only mistake he made in what was otherwise a technically remarkable and flawless flight, especially in regard to navigation. Hess had flown from an airfield near Munich to a pinpoint near Glasgow, a distance of some seven hundred air miles in which he traversed two heavily defended airspaces and steered his way through major bomber streams proceeding both east-west and west-east.” This was hardly a stroke of luck for the second in command of Germany.

Doppelganger Hess was a test for the real Hess to see if the British really did want peace. With two Hess’s one had to go, so they killed the real Hess as the capture of a doppelganger is always more valuable (Saddam Hussein’s doppelganger is a case in point).

The secret death of the real Hess and the capture of the doppelganger Hess was a minor victory for the British. Doppelganger Hess was never sure of the fate of the real Hess and was placed into a deconstruction programme as soon as the original interviews were over. This was designed to make him believe he was the real Hess.

Peter Allen’s The Crown and the Swastika suggested that Hess was killed in Britain by intention, or in an aircraft accident with the Duke of Kent and a doppelganger was brainwashed into being Hess.

In Canada the OSS (the CIA from 1946) developed a method of brainwashing using electrical shock and drug treatments capable of changing a personality. This would explain doppelganger Hess’s strange behaviour and different appearance at the Nuremberg Trials (30 September 1946).

Doppelganger Hess, wearing the name tag Alfred Horn on his brand-new uniform, had been trained to imitate Hess by the Germans and was trained to believe he was Hess by MI-6 who had been sharing data with the OSS. As a coping mechanism, to avoid revealing the true plans of Hitler and what he knew about the war (a Freemasonry stitch-up) he pretended to be mad, lost focus, complained of being poisoned and made fake suicide attempts.

The madness was partly real due to his German doppelganger training and OSS subconscious personality alteration. The poisons were very likely real and designed to stop doppelganger Hess thinking clearly. Doppelganger Hess was eventually murdered in a fake suicide. It really was a horrible life being the fake Hess, the fake gay lover of Germany’s ruler - the world’s most feared 5’9” bisexual coprophiliac.

The fact that Churchill kept doppelganger Hess hidden from public view lends weight to the theory that the real Hess was dead and doppelganger Hess (Alfred Horn) was being altered for limited viewing. That a tailor was ordered to replicate Hess’s uniform strengthens this. The ‘replicated Hess uniform’ was stolen from Spandau Prison in the 1970s.

At the same time as the real Hess and the doppelganger Hess were flying to Scotland, the Luftwaffe were bombing London at low tide. This meant the British couldn’t use the Thames to put out the more than 2000 fires from the incendiary bombs (which explode into fire on impact). Amid the mass of confusion more than 3000 people were killed or injured and the British House of Commons was destroyed for years to come. This was hardly a day for peace, but it was a perfect day to sabotage peace. Peace was sabotaged by both the British and the Germans on 11 May 1941.

All the incendiary bombs dismantled by the London Fire Brigade were made in Illingford, England and carried a manufacture date of 1938.

Spymaster: “The Fire Brigade were in charge of dismantling any- incendiary bombs that failed to explode. MI-5 then monstered the Fire Brigade, silenced all the fire-engineers and swore them to secrecy. It was essential to MI-5 that the manufacturing identity of the exploded and unexploded incendiary bombs remained secret.

“MI-5 then leaked a cover story that Germans recovered the British-made incendiary bombs from an RAF bomb dump in France. This was a lie as all of these incendiary bombs were thoroughly demolished.

“The RAF were fastidious about destroying ordnance and the record of their demolition was well and truly noted. The government story was a cover story. The Fire Brigade were asked not to say anything as it would be considered unhelpful.”

A third of the square mile of London was destroyed, but the British monarchy’s many palaces were rarely hit, many of them not at all. A British monarchy/German alliance for sure!

“Landing in a field, Hess was captured by a farm-hand. He was still wearing the blue uniform of captain of the Luftwaffe [a set-up], Hess was handed over to the assistant area controller of the Royal Observer Corps, Major Graham Donald.”

Major Graham Donald was complicit to the German subterfuge and German-English Freemasonry agreements. Major Graham Donald looked at the doppelganger Hess with the name tag Alfred Horn and said, “You look exactly like Hess.”

Doppelganger Hess replied, “That is nothing new to me. It’s a fact which has embarrassed me often enough.”

From then on Major Graham Donald acted as though this was the real Hess, although he knew otherwise. This was part of the stitch-up, as was confusion over the name Horn, when Horn was on the other flight. Major Graham Donald remained complicit to the German-English Freemasonry agreements and SOI operations. When he met with the next interrogator, Major Graham Donald once again identified ‘Captain Alfred Horn’ as “Rudolf Hess” when he knew damned well he was the doppelganger Hess they had been expecting.

“At the outset, [doppelganger] Hess told Donald that ‘he had a secret and vital message for the Duke of Hamilton, and that he must see the Duke at once’. Donald then asked the German where he expected to find the duke, and [doppelganger] Hess replied, At Dungavel house’, producing a map with a red ring drawn around the estate.

“After the brief interrogation, Donald reported to his duty controller and asked him to contact Wing Commander the Duke of Hamilton. ‘After this ... I came to the conclusion that the safety of the realm was now securely in other hands and no longer the sole responsibility of our Group. So I went to bed [as I was told].’”

When doppelganger Hess was being interviewed, he requested the British send a telegram to the real Hess’s wife, Ilse Prohl (m. 1927) saying that he was okay. He didn’t speak to her as voice recognition would reveal him as a fake Hess, and he refused to meet with Hess’s family for another 28 years (until 1969).

This message comforted Hess’s wife, but when it was passed on to Hitler it meant that doppelganger Hess had arrived at Dungavel Castle and not the real Hess. It also meant that the real Hess and Karl Horn (in his regular service uniform) had landed safely at Preswick where the Liberator Flights left for America.

Doppelganger Hess had confirmed the landing during what appeared to be a chaotic circuitous route. He was, in fact, dropping his wing for better sight and ensuring radar picked him up over and above the mass of planes leaving Preswick.

This telegram was the way in which doppelganger Hess (whom Hitler knew about), contacted Hitler saying that the ReichsFührer (Deputy leader and occasional lover) had landed safely. If Hitler knew Hess was dead, he might have become disheartened and not attacked Russia in six weeks’ time.

Hitler usually lay in bed until lunchtime. He was a lazy administrator who left much of the administrative work to Hess. However, on the morning of 11 May 1941, after sending both Hess, Karl Horn and Hess’s doppelganger (under the name Alfred Horn) to England to plead for peace (or an unobstructed war) Hitler was up and dressed at 7.30 am and was able to officially receive the letter from Hess’ Adjutant Pintsch which read, “And if my Fuhrer, this project... ends in failure ... simply say that I was mad”.

Doppelganger Hess’s telegram to Ilse Prohl was a ‘successful mission to date’ signal but Hitler was never to see the real Hess, Karl Horn, or the doppelganger Hess (Alfred Horn) again.

Hitler had publicly grounded Hess from flying. This was designed to make Hess’s peace mission look like a rebellion against Hitler in case it failed. However, as firstly a British agent and secondly a German agent, Hitler was right behind the mission from its inception. It was in fact his idea, as he was already tired of the war.

Hitler had tried to commit suicide two months earlier on 10 March 1941 and it was Rudolf Hess who had saved him.

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The Rudolf Hesses.

The war was only supposed to go on for 18 months (9 September 1939— 9 March 1941) after which the secret agreement between Britain and Germany, the British and German Freemasons, and Churchill and Hitler began to fizzle and the real war began. Hitler reacted to this by attempting suicide on 10 March 1941.

Lt.Col. Scotland: “This much, however, is in my view certain. There could be no question of Hess having flown from Germany on his own initiative. It is highly improbable that he could have taken his aircraft without the express knowledge and concurrence of three men: Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering and Field-Marshal Kesselring or some equally high-ranking air force officer.

“Hitler, in short, would have to grant Goering permission for the trip, and for a machine, with extra tanks, to be made available. This work could only be done with the knowledge of someone like Kesselring (then Air Chief of Staff). And Goering, also, would have to issue precise instructions not only for the aircraft’s route and planning, but for the temporary abatement of the German anti-aircraft units while Hess was on his way out.”7

As it turned out, all three were British Agents. Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering and Albert Kesselring.

The dates of 10-12 May 1941 are regularly confused by both sides as part of the ongoing cover for the Hess and Hess mission, which was both a peace mission and a mission to sabotage peace. It was a propaganda exercise acted and counteracted by both sides.

Hitler punished Hess’s astrologers, whom he knew had been compromised by the British, but he did not punish Willi Messerschmitt (Mr Smith) who had helped doppelganger Hess obtain and fit a brand new Messerschmitt Bf110D with a Knickbein radio night navigation system positioned for pilot rather than gunner-navigator control. Hitler also failed to punish the ground crew at Augsberg or Cologne. Nor did he punish Heydrich who guided the Hesses over the North Sea.

This is completely at odds with Hitler’s standing orders about Hess not being allowed to fly. It shows that the Luftwaffe had official sanction to guide and assist Hess, using the biggest air raid ever as cover - the blitzkriegs over London. It shows Hitler’s total complicity in the peace mission, and from his British training, the designated failure of that peace mission.

Hitler knew that in the writing of history, this would make him look good and also allow him to get rid of ‘Fraulein Anna’, the nickname of his gay lover Rudolf Hess. Hess was beginning to make the Third Reich look like a ‘Gay Reich’, and the ‘mean Hitler’ look like a ‘gay Hitler’. “Not self-seeking and unswervingly loyal, he [Hess] was promoted by Hitler to posts of increasing importance: Deputy to the Führer in 1933, Minister without Portfolio .. .”

Rudolf Hess saved Hitler’s life on 10 March 1941, and two months later Hitler repaid him by sending him on a suicide mission. His British agent status had taken hold. “The war, however, eclipsed his importance, which his meagre talents in any case scarcely justified, and in 1941 he flew on a self-appointed mission to Scotland to negotiate peace.”

If Germany knew Hitler was suicidal, Germany would lose its spirit to fight. The British goal was to extend the duration of the war, expand the fronts and get more countries involved. Hitler had no option but to obey his British Tavistock training. In his subconscious, he knew the war was expanding and he was heading north to Russia.

Secret Service: “To further cover this up and add confusion, essentially the name of the game, when the British got to Augsberg in Bavarian Germany they insisted on taking it ahead of any other Allied force. They burnt all the factory werke nummer [work number] records of the Messerschmitt Mel 10’s. To this day, the records of the Me110’s are an area of confusion unto themselves. There is no way to work out when they were manufactured or how many there were. The same thing happened in Austria.

“Russian Polikarpovs used to dive on the tails of the Me110’s, chew the rudders up, and the Me110s would fall out of the sky. Records were destroyed to thwart any research confirming any double-dealings.”

Doppelganger Hess provided cover for the murder of the real Hess, who actually did want peace, and may have had enough charisma to make others question the war. The apparent capture of Hess appeared like a minor victory for the British. The doppelganger Hess may have been unaware of the murder of the real Hess and probably believed Karl Horn had made it to America.

At the time of the blitz, Churchill was at his retreat at Ditchley Park, near Oxford, at the estate of Sir Ronald Tree, a place he went on moonlit nights - blitz nights. Churchill was watching a Marx brothers movie at the time and when he was advised that the Duke of Hamilton wanted to speak to him on the phone regarding the arrival of Hess in Scotland, Churchill said, “Will you kindly instruct the Duke of Hamilton to tell that to the Marx brothers ... Hess, or no Hess, I’m going to see the Marx Brothers.” Churchill knew in advance that Hess and a doppelganger Hess were arriving and that the real Hess was already being interrogated and would be killed.

The Duke of Hamilton then flew to Oxford that night and met with Churchill who appeared after the movie had finished and began grilling the Duke. Doppelganger Hess had come fully loaded with proof positive of Hitler’s previous attempts to create peace in September 1940. Churchill received the Duke, swore him to secrecy and then dismissed him.

The Duke of Hamilton was actually sworn to secrecy the moment he became Scotland’s leading Freemason, and was further sworn to secrecy when he was pre-briefed on how to carry out this scenario. His flight to Oxford to see Churchill was partly for show.

Churchill then selected three people to interrogate the doppelganger Hess: Roman Battaglia; the Duke of Hamilton; and Lord Simon.

Alfred Horn (doppelganger Hess) was then taken to Maryhill Barracks in Glasgow where he emptied his pockets for the Duty Officer. One of the items was a letter from Hitler to the Duke of Hamilton. This letter was removed by Major Graham Donald and never reached public records. The war could not continue if there was written record of Hitler trying to create peace.

Major Graham Donald (Observer Corps) was a Freemason and Special Operations insider. First to meet with Alfred Horn, he instructed all the interviewers Alfred Horn was Rudolf Hess.

The first person to interrogate Alfred Horn/doppelganger Hess was Roman Battaglia, an interrogator and language expert from the Polish Consulate. This following day it was the Duke of Hamilton’s turn.

Doppelganger Hess was then interviewed by Lord Simon who was Chamberlain’s protege. Chamberlain, the naive fop used to secure war with Germany, had died six months earlier (9 November 1940).

The interview was conducted under the supervision of ‘C’ ‘C’ was General Sir Stewart Graham Menzies who was one of the many illegitimate son of King Edward VII.

Many of King Edward VII’s closest relatives believe he arranged WWII, despite the fact that he had died in 1910.

This is very similar to the interview of Saddam Hussein being conducted under the supervision of the CIA on 15 December 2003. It meant that no useful information would be gained, all scenario- information would be colluded, the war would continue to be justified and expanded, and huge profits would continue to be made. It was war and lives were as dispensable as writing them off as ‘collateral damage’. It could not have been a bigger set up.

Doppelganger Hess’s offer for peace was completely at odds with real Hess’s offer for peace. Doppelganger Hess’s offer for peace was that ‘England would return all of Germany’s ex-colonies, stay out of the war and allow Germany to take over Europe, including Russia [in 41 days’ time]. In return Germany would not touch the British Empire. This ‘Peace Talk’ was straight out of Hitler’s British deconstruction.

England decided Germany needed another enemy to weaken its attacks against England, so they encouraged Germany to attack Russia. Germany kept its part in the bargain. The blitzkriegs of Britain stopped and Germany attacked Russia under Operation BARBAROSSA on 22 June 1941. Britain had an agreement to warn Russia, but they failed to do so. This strained British/Russian relations - but what did it matter, Stalin was also a British agent and had been since his 1907-1911 British training.

Britain did warn Russia but warned them in such a way that they didn’t take it seriously, as they knew they wouldn’t. The British used letters and diplomatic notes. Stalin was so deluded that he even ignored a warning from the German Ambassador to Moscow. The German Ambassador said he felt he had an admiration for Bismarck, the German Chancellor in the mid-1800s. What was unsaid at the time was that Bismarck was an admirer of Russia and never wanted war with Russia. Bismarck wouldn’t even contemplate war with America.

Bismarck was in favour of exhibitions of force close to German borders. He had been a keen intellect and used to call the generals a bunch of dummkopfs, calling Kaiser Wilhelm II the biggest dummkopf of them all.

Bismarck: “All you have to do to understand what German strategy ought to be is to take a glance at a map of Germany and it immediately demonstrates three given truths:
1. Germany is placed geographically to attack in all directions.
2. Germany is also placed geographically to be attacked from all directions.
3. So obviously Germany should only fight with very limited war aims and not get involved in any war protracted beyond a year and a half.

Because dummkopfs could not read a single map, you had to watch them like a hawk.”

At the end of the meeting, doppelganger Hess said that Germany would not negotiate with Churchill. The interviewer’s reports were never made public.

After the takeover of France, Hitler moved his headquarters to the Black Forest near Freudenstadt. WWII was designed to bring all the neutral WWI countries into war. The desire for oil crosses all national boundaries and national deaths are of no concern to oil companies. As such, Royal Dutch Shell asked Hitler to launch his armies into Russia for oil. In the Black Forest, in July 1940, Hitler agreed. Almost as soon as Hitler made a decision the British knew about it and acted accordingly. This little pearl was quietly recorded by Hitler’s Dr Morell in his diary. The operation was first named ‘Fritz’, then ‘Directive 21’, then ‘Barbarossa’.

Hitler’s intelligence reports were actively compromised by the British. With British assistance Germany concluded in early 1941 that unless Russia was attacked within the year, she would arm and prove to be too strong to defeat. Hitler therefore decided that his July 1940 decision to attack Russia was a good one and he launched Operation barbarossa with 121 German divisions, 19 armoured divisions, three air fleets and summer in mind.

Doppelganger Hess’s offering was hardly a peace talk. It was more of a finger pointing skite and a declaration to create a ‘howling wilderness’ everywhere but Britain and its colonies. It is hardly likely that Hess would negotiate for peace with Britain in earnest, by blitzing Britain just hours before. Doppelganger Hess’s peace mission was intended to fail and leave no room for success. After all, the British prided themselves as rescuers and there was no way they would let Western Europe fall to the Germans. It just wasn’t in their blood.

The real Hess was on a peace mission whereas doppelganger Hess was pleading with England not to support Russia so that Germany could expand WWII. It was the same peace agreement Hitler tried with Neville Chamberlain prior to the invasion of Eastern Europe - Germany would help protect the British Empire as long as Britain did not oppose Germany in Europe. Britain and Germany would take over Europe without war between the two ‘cousins’.

This is why the British Freemasons killed the real Hess and supported the doppelganger Hess. Germany did attack Russia and the British did not come to a physical rescue. The British only supplied support on paper, which, in war, is as useless as tits on a bull.

In an attempt to limit the PR damage of a captured Hess on the German psyche, Ribbentrop advised the world that “Hess suffered from gallstones and through the pain he had become an 'astrological faddist’ and was mad. The German underground movement took this to mean that the man Hitler had been promoting for years was partly or completely insane.”

The truth of the matter was that both Hitler and Hess were bisexual and occasional lovers. Hitler had been promoting his lover Hess. They were not the first politicians to invent this strategy.

This encouraged more German High Command to become double agents, which then secured their freedom after the war. Some of them were even decorated by the Allies.

Eight days after Hess’s landing Hitler sent two SS officers to parachute into the same location as doppelganger Hess (19 May 1941) with the same maps, and with the same locations circled. They were interrogated, then executed, with no mission statement ever revealed. The war had only been going 19 months and the British were already furiously sabotaging peace talks and silencing everything around this effort.

The American President Franklin D. Roosevelt remarked, “I wonder what is really behind this story?”

Doppelganger Hess was then placed in the Tower of London, Aldershot, Mychett Place (Camp Z), the Nuremberg Trials and Spandau Prison for a life sentence and eventual assassination 46 years later. For the last 21 years of his doppelganger life, Hess was the only prisoner at Spandau Prison.

“He was indeed brought to Nuremberg apparently suffering from amnesia but was judged fit to plead and later recovered his memory. He was indicted on all four counts, convicted on counts 1 and 2, and sentenced to life imprisonment, and refuses all contact with his family.”

During his confinement in Britain (1941-45), the RAF guard asked doppelganger Hess where he had learnt chess. "When I was in hospital in France after Cambrai” came the answer. In 1917 the real Hess was elsewhere on the Eastern Front.

In the 1980s when doppelganger Hess began mumbling to his guards about being on a peace mission for Hitler, WWII being a British and German Freemasons’ war against the French Freemasons, and a war to create ‘order out of chaos’, his execution became imminent. Germany, America and England intervened and doppelganger Hess was assassinated in the Summerhouse of Spandau Prison by strangulation on 17 August 1987.

There is sufficient evidence to say that this is so. Freemasons dominated all positions of influence right through Britain and Germany. At the beginning of 1930, Germany had 75,000 Masons. Two-thirds of these refused to allow Jews to join and one third, the humanitarian lodges, allowed Jews to join. In 1922 these two lodges separated, with one-third of German lodges supporting Jews and two-thirds not.

“There is a border which strongly differentiates humanitarian from Old Prussian national Freemasonry. We, the three Old Prussian Grand Lodges refuse to take part in the general humanitarian fraternization movement between people in the world.”

Kitap: Hitler was a British Agent
Yazar: Greg Hallet and the Spymaster
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Re: Hess ve Hess İngiltere'ye Uçuyorlar

Mesajgönderen TurkmenCopur » 19 Tem 2012, 09:48
This was acknowledged by the Nazis who gave protection to the Old Prussian Grand Lodge Freemasons and treated the Humanitarian Freemasons with contempt.

On 28 March 1933 the unrecognised ‘Clandestine’ Freemasons resolved to dissolve and become dormant. In their final resolutions they also resolved to support Hitler, as did the National Mother-Lodge, ‘The Three Globes’. In late March 1933, the three (Berlin) Grand Lodges sent a congratulatory address to the Reich Chancellor Hitler, and The Grand Lodge of Saxony (Dresden) sent a telegram expressing its faithful support to Dr Goebbels.12 By 31 March 1933, all German Freemasons were in support of Hitler.

Hitler was actually worshipped by the P2 Masonic Lodge Grand Master Licio Gelli, as well as a host of other Freemasons including Juan Peron and Thule Society cult founder, Rudolf Blauer (alias Rudolf Freiherr Von Seboottendorf).13

Omega Files: “The Freemason’s Scottish Rite can be traced back to the Jesuit college of Clermont in France, and at the core it advocates a global government and the destruction of all national boundaries, sovereignties and cultures; the dissolution of all traditional ‘family’ structures making all children the wards of the world state;14 and the destruction of the idea that man has a soul, or rather that humans are merely evolved animals having no spiritual nature and therefore no need for God. In other words a homogenized collective society which does not tolerate individual expression but instead enforces absolute conformity to the controlling establishment.”

In 1950, Masonic Brother C. William Smith wrote the article ‘God’s Plan in America’ which gives some insight into Freemasonry’s goals.15 There are three plans in action today and they all have different purposes:
1. God’s non-sectarian plan.
2. The Roman Catholic denominational sectarian plan.
3. The anti-Capitalist Communistic plan.

God’s non-sectarian plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds, to the new order of things, to make all things new - a new nation, a new race, a new civilisation, a new non-sectarian religion, ‘The Great Light’ (which already exists) and a ‘New Age’ (Novus Ordo Seclorum).

Great light non-sectarian Masonic Brotherhood Monarchs include: King George VI of England (1936-52), King Gustav V of Sweden (1907-56), King Haakon VII of Norway (1905-57), and the late King Kristian X of Denmark (1912-47).

The Nordic people are not church worshippers, but avid readers of the Bible. The Nordic-Anglo-Saxons make up 95% of colonists, were the first people to print the Bible in great quantity, were known as the people of the book, and are the great Bible-reading people of the world today. [With six-month long nights and no TV in the Arctic Circle, there was only sex and the Bible.] In Norway there has been no illiteracy for more than a hundred years. The Nordic people [with Greenland’s Thule as their centre] are bringing a new order to the world.

At the time, the British thought Hess’s history of WWII being a battle between the British and German Freemasons in order to create order out of chaos was dead and buried and wanted to keep it that way. Hess’s guards at Spandau Prison were rotated every month and the murder occurred under US tenure.

On 17 August 1987 Hess’s male nurse Abdallah Melaouhi passed two strangers in the Summer-house. They were British SAS assassins dressed in American Army uniform. According to Wolf Rudiger Hess, his (doppelganger) father was murdered by British SAS assassins dressed as American soldiers, sent by MI-6 and his death was made to look like a suicide. (See Doppelganger Hess’s Murder, Appendix 5)

According to Dr Seidl, doppelganger Hess could not have committed suicide in this way because the 93-year-old could not lift his arms above his head. The suicide came complete with fake note, expertly forged by a specialist organisation, but not convincing to anyone who knew Hess.

Hess was never allowed to meet anyone from the public. If either the real Hess or the doppelganger Hess had met with the public either may have told of how:

1. The British organised a fake peace treaty to flush out the German peace activists.
2. Britain could have accepted peace and saved the mass deaths of the Jews.
3. Hitler was encouraged to attack Russia to take the pressure off Britain.
4. If Germany had continued to attack Britain, Britain would have folded and lost the war within two years of its inception.
5. The British sabotaged Hitler’s attempts at peace.
6. Hitler, as a British agent, sabotaged his own peace mission and extended the war to Russia. This meant he was fighting on two fronts. Even Hitler said he would ‘not repeat this mistake of WWI’, but he did.
7. The deaths of the Jews had been a British goal since Nathan Rothschild took over the Bank of England on 21 June 1815 using homing pigeons. (See The Bank of England Heist, Appendix 6)
8. Any of this information coming from doppelganger Hess would have eroded any justified propaganda against Russia and would have delayed the Berlin Wall coming down 27 months later (9 Nov. 1989).

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “In June 1941, on the eve of Germany’s attack on Russia, Rudolf Hess flew alone to Scotland to plead the cause of a negotiated Anglo-German peace. He was temporarily imprisoned in the Tower of London, then placed under psychiatric care near Aldershot. At the Nuremberg Trials (1946) he was sentenced to life imprisonment, and remained in Spandau Prison [just west of Berlin] until his death.”

The truth of the matter is that both Hess and doppelganger Hess flew into Scotland on 11 May and landed within 35 km of each other. The real Hess landed his plane safely at Preswick and the doppelganger Hess crashed his plane at Eaglesham, near Dungavel Castle. The real Hess was then killed, while the doppelganger was detained, written off as mad, had his personality altered, was placed in prison and then assassinated 46 years later.

Karl Horn, the companion of the real Hess, parachuted out of Hess’s plane and went on the very dangerous mission of ‘doing the same thing’ as Rudolf Hess, but with America. Karl Horn made it to America and pleaded for peace.

Karl Horn was someone the Americans would recognise and who had the highest connections in Germany. He was a Hauptmann or German Captain in the Luftwaffe, Knights Cross holder from the Battle of Britain (August-September 1940) and 1936 Olympic long-distance runner. His uncle was Colonel General Karlheinz von Horn, who later led the German Army in the Ardennes offensive of 1944-5. Karl Horn was a pilot from a famous flying lineage who would be respected by the American military.

It was not uncommon from WWI to WWII for athletes to also be agents and for their names to be suppressed or confused. The agent might get a medal in the event, while another stood on the podium and was photographed. The name, sex and image of agents in the Olympics was regularly obfuscated between the wars. In this way the prize was awarded to the country, with the true identity of the agent remaining secret. There were even men competing in women’s events.

It is not untypical for the Polish to look transgender. Stella Walsh, born Stanislawa Walasiewicz, won the 1932 100m Olympic gold medal and came second at the 1936 Olympics at Berlin. It wasn’t until she was shot in 1980 that it was discovered she was a man. But these transgender types have a way of using the media to their advantage and she had a Polish reporter accuse the winner, Helen Stephens, of being a man.

In this way, the closest official record of Karl Horn being a 1936 Olympic long-distance runner is Karl Hein who won the gold medal for the hammer with an Olympic record of 185’ 4”. Erwin Blask (Germany) got the silver for 180’ 6.5” and Fred Warngard (Sweden) got the bronze for 179’ 10.5”. Such is the nature of military-Olympic competitors and the obfuscation that surrounds their public achievements.

Secret Service: “Karl Horn made it to his rendezvous with an American General that had been sent to England and negotiated a flight to America on the ‘Liberator Transports of the American Ferry Command’ from the Scottish West Coast. These Liberator flights were flying in and out of Scotland all the time, transporting planes to Britain and munitions to both England and Nazi Germany, courtesy of Prescott Bush - grandfather to the current US president.

“Karl Horn made it to America and tried to approach the big-wigs in the United States but instead was hunted down by a joint British MI-6 and FBI firing party which included his British Olympic longdistance competitor. The FBI troop included a sadistic, homosexual, ex-Austrian serviceman who used to beat people to death. The cross- dressing blackmailed director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, used the former Austrian when he didn’t care if the subject died.”

Karl Horn, a man negotiating for ‘world peace’, the end of Germany’s advancement in WWII, and Hitler’s escape to America, was hunted down as a forerunner to the psycho-thrillers that were to come. Exhausted, Karl Horn eventually committed suicide by swimming out from the New England coast into the Atlantic Ocean and drowning. If only he had made it south to Yaphank, Long Island. There, the ‘potato- field fascists’ would have covered for him and even given Hitler a bed for a decade or two.

When the fake Hess was on trial at Nuremberg (from 30 September 1946), the Germans High Command smirked and accommodated him as a retard. The real Goering laughed and ridiculed him because he knew he was a doppelganger and a British agent. After all, Goering had ordered the death of the real Hess at Abbeville and had given approval for both flights to arrive simultaneously in Scotland.

At the Nuremberg trials, the Russian judge dissented and found Hess guilty of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ but the British and other judges were extraordinarily lenient and did not. The British judge refused to get into matters of politics and Secret Operations. It would have placed Churchill in a bad light and been an embarrassment to the British monarchy, aristocracy and government. As a result, Hess was not found guilty.

Over 99% of those charged with war crimes were not convicted. Because of double agent dealings, most of the war criminals had fake deaths (Hitler), had doppelgangers at the trial (Hess), were Anglophiles (Schellenberg), had turned up to the trial under British cover complete with plastic surgery to witness their own sentence in absentia (Martin Bormann), or had been compromised during the war and had become British double agents (most of the German High Command).

The Nuremberg trials quickly turned into a farce and the judges were powerless to act with such military/intelligence interference.

In the 1970s the medical officer Hugh Thomas, a Welsh surgeon treating the doppelganger Hess, noticed that the prisoner did not have the same dunchesse, the chest scar from the through-and-through gunshot wound from the Russian Nagant rifle that almost killed the real Rudolf Hess in Romania on 8 August 1917, after which he was hospitalised for four months.

When Hugh Thomas pointed this out he got monstered by British Intelligence. Nevertheless, doppelganger Hess was detained and executed 46 years later in 1987, when he was some 93 years old. He maintained silence for almost all of that time.

When doppelganger Hess did finally speak out, he was executed: “The war is a war of secrets. I knew you would come for me. I alone won the war. My family are all grown up now.” This was delivered to the SAS assassins in fluent English.

The information doppelganger Hess could reveal would have been bad for the justification of the Cold War against Russia and Britain wanted to look like a top dog with clean paws while it lasted. The death of doppelganger Hess became the long fuse for the end of the Cold War and made the Russians a little happier about their lot. It also maintained their ignorance.

The ‘Progrom’ was to maintain the Berlin Wall until 30/31 December 1999, once Helen Clark and her minder Vladimir Putin had got into power. Helen Clark is the KGB operative ‘ie’, pronounced ‘e’. “She trained in St Petersburg”17 from 1968 and worked with Vladimir Putin from 1978-91 in an attempt to launch a nuclear strike on American property (Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, Taupo) from a Russian nucleararmed submarine in the deep New Zealand waters. This was known as the “Trawler Wars”.

Vladimir Putin lived in Wellington for two years as a Fisheries Inspector (between 1978-82) and returned for the sinking of the Lermontov (16 February 1986). At least some of Putin and Clark’s clandestine meetings were held on Wellington’s Wharf No. 3 in the early hours of the morning and these were recorded. These records were then read and discussed on a political level, but did not reach the public domain due to ideological similarities.

Through Fred Winterbotham (Air Force Intelligence) the British knew the SS were running doppelgangers. The British knew the second pilot was not the real Rudolf Hess and they knew the real Hess had been tortured to death. To avoid retaliation and looking like ‘peace saboteurs’ the British sustained the mystery of the real Rudolf Hess for 46 years after his death. Both Britain and Germany and the British and German Freemasons have kept up the pretence that doppelganger Hess was the real Rudolf Hess to this day.

If the British thought the captured doppelganger Hess was the real Hess he would have been executed at the Nuremberg trials in 1946. Because various levels of the British and German command were uncertain, or knew otherwise, he was kept alive to live out most of his days.

Rudolf Hess’s guards at Spandau Prison all knew that he was a fake Hess, a doppelganger, because he (Alfred Horn) had spent time in Cambrai in 1917 when the real Hess was in Romania from 1916-18. The real Hess had been nearby in Ypres and Artois in 1915, but in Romania from 1916 where he was shot and then trained as a pilot from March to November 1918.

Secret Service: “All of the Air Force personnel who guarded Hess were swished out to New Zealand on a boat and they didn’t know why they had been moved here until I interviewed them. The last Nazi in New Zealand was a wheelchair-ridden invalid nursed to death in 1973. The spy Garbo was also smuggled out to New Zealand.”

The truth of the matter is that the British military had trained both Hitler and Stalin. They had both been gifted their countries with ample MI-6 support and the British wanted to watch Russia and Germany fight it out to the bitter end. It gave the British and their secret societies a sense of command to watch two nations battle to the death. By destroying Russia and Germany completely, it made England comparatively stronger.

The British wanted the secrets the Nazis had plundered from the French Freemasons, the direct descendants of the Knights Templar who had invaded King Solomon’s tomb in 1127AD. Raiding King Solomon’s tomb brought untold riches, wealth, knowledge and style to France. This was followed by envious wars from other countries and retaliatory invasions from the Catholic Church.

The British royalty and Freemasons had this to say to Germany and Russia: "As you depose our royal cousins from the monarchies of your countries, we will introduce new leaders (whom we control) and turn them against you, turning your country into a ‘Howling Wilderness’.”

The British monarchy’s removal of the European monarchies was full of cover ups and arranged events shrouded in the mystery of new ideologies. The deaths of the Czar’s family were faked. They didn’t die at Yekaterinburg in Russia in 1918 as was popularly believed, but were removed from power and swished out to Southern Ireland (Eire from 1922) by Lieutenant Colonel Meintzerhagen.

Germany’s Kaiser wasn’t killed either, but removed to Harlem in Holland a week after WWI ended. The British royal family was related to both of these families. They were prepared to depose them, but they were hardly going to have them killed. The ties between Britain and Russia, and Britain and Germany, were so strong at the time that the Russians were referred to as ‘uncles’ and the Germans as ‘cousins’.

Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact on 23 August 1939 (with British approval) but secretly planned to divide up Eastern Europe between them. As soon as the Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact was signed, Germany knew it was going to war with Russia. As Germany overran Poland, Russia overran Finland and the Baltic States. Both countries were expanding under British instruction in order to create an excuse for World War II. Both Stalin and Hitler were British agents and shared Poland by splitting it down the middle.

With the peace plan with Britain thwarted, Hitler broke the Non- Aggression Pact with Russia and invaded the Soviet Union at Lithuania, Belarus and the Ukraine on 22 June 1941. This placed St Petersburg under a siege for a famous 900 days, to February 1944. A bitter four-year Russian-German war was created that Britain sat back and watched. The Russo-German war lasted from the German invasion of Russia, to the Russian invasion of Berlin in April 1945. As a result, more Russian blood was spilt in WWII than by any other nation and both Britain and America fought against a weakened German side18 . . . and when the Cold War began they fought against a weakened Russian side.

Literally, as kindergarten children playing war on maps with tin soldiers and toy tanks, in libraries containing the great histories of ‘propaganda and paedophilic heroism’, the British watched as Germany, having been given France, went to war with Russia.

Both Stalin and Hitler had similar backgrounds, were British Psych- Ops trained, and trained using the same methods. Stalin’s training in Britain began in 1907 and Hitler’s training in Britain began in 1912.

Both were used as Britain’s retaliators.

Prior to WWI, London, St. Petersburg and Berlin were opulent cities of equal wealth. After WWI, WWII and the Cold War, London was by far the wealthier city. The battle between these countries continues in the realm of war-in-peacetime. It is now fought around the distribution of drugs and the induction of feminism into each other’s societies.

Feminism was invented in Russia as a method of war, and during the Cold War feminists in Russia were deported to the West. Feminists break down the family, reduce breeding and create infighting.

War-in-peacetime is the war of family attrition. Vladimir Putin’s agent Helen Clark is a feminist and lesbian. She became Prime Minister only after another female PM lost to her, so there was no choice. Clark has taken the feminist motto, “If it works, break it” to the nth degree and in just six years of her communist/fascist leadership, NZ has become a country without an identity where the citizens fear and distrust the police and paedophiles have been elevated to the highest office.

Like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis, Hitler and Stalin were each other’s admirers and competitors, and all four were after the same thing - enough attention to compensate their earlier years of an absent father.

Hitler came to understand what WWII was about and made three attempts at “Peace for Our Time”, sending his top men to get the message across. Most of the upper echelons of the SS had several doppelgangers, as did the ReichsFührer and pilot Rudolf Hess. Hess was invited by the British to rendezvous and discuss peace on 11 May 1941. The German attempt to shoot real Hess down came via double agents in the German High Command, namely Goering, who was acting on British orders.

The previous ReichsFührer, the gay Captain Roehm, was also murdered. He was a British agent and Hitler’s Psych-Ops minder but he was still killed on Hitler’s orders during the Night of the Long Knives (30 June 1934).

The German-instigated peace negotiations of September 1940 and May 1941 were sabotaged by both sides under British Freemasonry orders. The Freemasons were out for war. They had created enough of them and lived and died by their motto ‘order out of chaos’.

This historical event, the Hitler/Hess-instigated peace talks, is fraught with cover-ups on a scale only found in war. The cover-ups included the Luftwaffe air raid resulting in the misconstrued dates for the London blitz, (10 May, 11 May or 21 June 1941), fake Hess plane sightings, the use of doppelgangers, doppelganger Hess being named the real Hess, doppelganger Hess being altered to believe he was the real Hess, the deaths of British and German players, and history rewriting interference, employing the best writers, in which two-thirds of all history books ensure 95% of the information is false - after which there has been six decades of complicit silence.

The two Hesses flying to Britain was a cover-up to make Britain look good while sabotaging peace, encouraging their German cousins’ war expansion into Russia, thus weakening both Russia and Germany while saving Britain and extending the war.

World War II was an English and German Freemasonry stitch-up against the French and Russians. Britain and America won the war by extending it and ensuring that it took place (predominantly) on others’ soil. The British monarchy barely got touched and America suffered little damage at home.

In all its forms, peace had everything to fear in the face of a profitable war and the transfer of power to the West. America was out of the war but selling arms to both sides. It had also remained out of WWI until it was drawn in by the organised sinking of the American passenger ship, the Lusitania. This pissed the Americans off no end, but it was the Zimmerman telegram that brought them into war.19

British Intelligence Officer: “During the First World War, the British were at desperation point. By 1915, they had virtually sold all their invisibles20 in America and the Amis now wanted cash up front. The British were absolutely bled white and they came up with the idea of sinking the Lusitania to bring America into the war.

“War has a history of inciting its allies into battle by bombing them and blaming the enemy. The ship was loaded with American passengers, arms and munitions, and the hull was lined with gun cotton in the size and shape of bricks. The Lusitania had an auxiliary status as a fleet reserve, so she was a naval ship and the Germans were quite within their rights to sink her as it was carrying war cargo.

“Churchill knew the gun cotton was stacked around the hull below the water-line and that a glancing blow from a torpedo would blow the gun cotton and then the whole ship. When Nobel was discovering dynamite in the 19th century, gun cotton was one of the variations - an explosive and charge in one.

“The Lusitania went on several voyages with this gun cotton stacked up around the hull, and as First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill was consulted as to its removal. ‘Do the British remove it each time, or do they remove it in England or America?’ The British were paranoid about it. The potential of the gun cotton lining the hull split British loyalties between America as a trading partner versus bringing America into the war.

“Churchill didn’t want the Lusitania to sink on the way to America as it would have British cargo and passengers on board and wouldn’t bring about the required retaliation. He wanted it to sink on the return journey from America while loaded with Americans, in order to swing tax-free America into war.

“In the Port of New York, the Chief of German Naval Espionage, Von Rintelen (who called himself ‘The Dark Invader’) boarded the Lusitania to see if she was indeed carrying war cargo. It was very important that the facts be verified before she was sunk. Von Rintelen passed the information back to Germany in code that the ship was indeed carrying gun cotton, ammunition and explosives. The Lusitania left New York from Qunard’s Pier on 1 May 1915 and sailed towards Liverpool.

“In a naval cipher the Germans could understand, Britain broadcast instructions to the Navy in Queenstown in Ireland to withdraw their escort cruiser in the Irish Sea, while at the same time telling the Germans what course the cruiser was taking.

“Eyewitnesses talk about a huge explosion. The German torpedo hit the ship and ripped the bottom out of it. The Lusitania was a very fast ship and she was travelling at 15 to 18 knots. As soon as the torpedo hit, the gun cotton blew out the bottom of the ship and she ploughed under. It would normally take 1-2 hours for a ship like this to sink, but because gun cotton lined the hull, she sank in 18 minutes. That’s why the death toll was so high. If it had just been ordinary cargo she may have remained afloat and even been towed to an Irish Port.

“This act of enemy-informed Allied sabotage was designed to bring the Americans into the war, which it did for the most part. Six days after the Lusitania sailed with 1,959 passengers (including 123 Americans), she was sunk by a German submarine (U-boat) in the Atlantic. It was 7 May 1915.”

Secret Service: “When divers started diving on the Lusitania, British Intelligence got really jumpy. They decided around 1998 to blow the rest of the ship up, to hide the fact that there was Naval gun cotton lining the hull of the ship and that nearly 1200 had died in an informed enemy attack on an allied ship, in order to bring America into the war. The sinking of the Lusitania was enemy informed Allied sabotage (EIAS).”

“The anti-German feeling that this event generated in the US was a factor in bringing that country into the First World War.”

The British then used the same tactic against the Zamzam in WWII, which was carrying a lot of American passengers. In April 1941 it was intercepted by the Atlantis, a well-informed German commerce raider. Commerce raiders often carried English-speaking Intelligence Officers to tune into Allied radio channels which forecast the locations of the ships hunting for them. These Intelligence Officers were often ex-merchant officers who had dealt with English passengers before. The Germans knew about the Lusitania, caught on to what was happening, secured the passengers of the Zamzam and then scuttled her.

Then in 1941 the British bombed the Dutch submarine that had prior knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Ironically, the attack on Pearl Harbor was based on the British Bywater Plan that the British had given the Japanese over a drinking session some 16 years earlier. Pearl Harbor worked and America joined WWII. Rather than supply both sides with arms and munitions, America joined WWII in earnest with full navy, army and air force involvement.

As more profits were made by the munitions factories, and more fathers died, orphaned children were becoming more and more common and available. Paedophilia and the military would be in bed forever.

As it turned out, there was no need for Hitler to send his best deputies and most convincing doppelgangers to negotiate for ‘world peace’. It all turned out okay for Hitler. What he hadn’t counted on was that once an agent of war you are always protected by those who profit from it most. “Blessed are the war-makers.”

The most serious threat to Hitler’s power had been the Stennes Rebellion. After 1945, Walther Stennes said: “Hitler might be dead (he was not even sure of that at the time) but it seemed that his spirit was very much alive ... his next and highly characteristic step was to investigate the truth of the various stories of Hitler’s death ... He soon succeeded in tracking down an old friend who had served in Hitler’s personal bodyguard and this veteran assured him that, although the direct evidence of his death was inconclusive, his physical and mental state when Berlin fell had been so bad as to make it certain that he could not have survived.” This was essentially a fob-off to a friend, saying, ‘If he ain’t dead, he soon will be, and don’t bother looking’.

Jimmy Byrnes: “While in Potsdam at the Conference of the Big Four [7 July-2 August 1945], Stalin left his chair, came over and clinked his liquor glass with mine in a very friendly manner. I said to him: ‘Marshal Stalin, what is your theory about the death of Hitler?’

“Stalin replied: ‘He is not dead. He escaped either to Spain or Argentina.’”

In August 1945, Stalin personally accused the British of “concealing the real Adolf Hitler”. “A new feature in this belief was where Hitler was supposed to be hiding. In the summer of 1945 I had been told Hitler was in Spain or South America.”

Secret Service referring to the conversations with the IRA undercover ‘Cuchullain’: “Similarly the British also hid the fascist sympathiser King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson in Portugal five years earlier in July 1940. Spain and Portugal have for centuries been in the hands of the British Secret Service and their compliance is guaranteed. Portugal is still referred to by the British as ‘our oldest allies’.”

There is another theory that Hitler died in the mid-1970s but this involved another doppelganger. It was the same scam the British used with Martin Bormann allowing a reclusive doppelganger to appear after Bormann’s death. The illusion was always to be the denial of truth, with no timescale disregarded, and no expense spared.

As early as September 1944 orders were issued concerning the storage of papers belonging to Special Operations 1 which was linked with Ian Fleming’s Naval Intelligence. The four rules, A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’, lay down specific guidelines pertaining to the destruction of files belonging to SOI. Only category A’ states anything to do with the files surviving. This resulted in most of the evidence being destroyed. No files containing sensitive material would reach the Public Record Office. As a result, there is little or no chance of any correspondence between key players surviving.

Scores of Nazis fled to South America after WWII. Argentina opened its Nazi files on 30 January 1992 but none of them were of Hitler. Hitler’s file is most likely kept under presidential guard in Switzerland.

The British Public Record Office contains files under reference number F0898/257 dealing with Swiss matters. It is on permanent loan to the Foreign Office and is unlikely to be released in the foreseeable future.

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