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Thursday, 28 August 2014

From the Hand of the Nephilim

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Death Towers

Cell phone/GSM/PCS (aka DEATH/DOR TOWERS), TETRA, HAARP, GWEN, & Power lines
[back] Covert genocide   Orgonite terminology [back] Health Hazards
[Cell phone (also Tetra & Power) towers are safe is a well proven lie (1, 2) (so they know) to go with numerous other long standing lies where the truth has been suppressed, such as the 200 year old vaccine one (see), while the towers have been placed as if they were as safe as small trees, often deliberately right next to schools (see) when safer placements are easily available (see Gorebridge for example, where the TV and Police masts are way out of town).  Their main function appears to be the spread of DOR, part of the Covert genocide agenda.  Shown a larger tower spec, an electrical engineer put it's output at 576 KWH. Transmitters at microwave frequencies normal only require a max of 1.0 watt, not kilo watts.  The normal tower has 5 thumb thick cables running up the mast from the power supply.  One tower in central Birmingham next to a Mosque had 12 such cables, when something no bigger than a pencil would do the job.  There is one mast/unit per 2,000 people, and you can drive across open untowered country to find one in the town edge among houses as if their range was miles, and not many thousands a satellite can deliver from, and according to someone who visited Russia he couldn't see any towers at all, so satellites must be delivering those signals.
    Tetra is another highly suspicious addition (1, 2, 3), along with the deaths of 22 Marconi scientists suggesting a mind control function in addition to disease inducing.  Their big brother surveillance function has been revealed (1, 2) which is another red flag.  You would be a damn sight more surprised if they weren't up to another poisoning agenda at the very least, to go with all of their other poisonings, and assorted nefarious plots.  Eg
HAARP, Aspartame,   FluorideChemtrails, and a spectacular breaking of cover with Depleted Uranium. Not forgetting 911, drugs, wars....
    Luckily any diabolical plot has been zapped by Orgonite
which kills all DOR, what looks to be the only, or main danger to humans WinkWink. ] "Aapproximately one death tower per 2,000 people, on average."--- Don Croft

"Dr von Peters, who spends a lot of time teaching in various medical schools in Russia, told me unequivocally that he's seen absolutely NO death towers in that country, though everyone has a cellphone."--Don Croft
See: Poisons  Covert genocide Electronic harassment  'Vaccines are Safe' lie
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The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters
Tower locators
UK: TV, cell and Radio masts (most are cell phone and tetra as well)   
Switzerland Blood sacrifice
Canadian "cellular" towers.

Cell phone antidote:

TETRA is broadcast at 400: the Phoenix Project was 406.
And why kill Marconi scientists, if not to protect some mind control agenda?

Bridgend tower (suicide town in Wales). 6 chunky cables to give, on average, 1,500 people a cell phone signal (yeah, right!).  This one next to a hospital in the midddle of Bridgend town.Cables on tower in Tarvisio, Italy, the same as UK ones.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Baker Gurvitz Army Inside of Me



Saturday, 23 August 2014

Frank Zappa The Torture Never Stops

                                                                             What always gets my attention when looking at Zoot Allures cover ...


Friday, 22 August 2014

Crime of the Century - Dead Sea Scrolls Written in Modern Hebrew Mesoretic Text

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When did Modern Hebrew  
Mesoretic Text come into Existence?
Around 400AD.
So how could the Dead Sea Scrolls be Written in Modern Hebrew when it didn't even exist at that Time?
300BC when they are supposed to have been written?

That leaves the little matter of a Discrepancy of 1000 years
And where were all the supposed scholars?
Another BIG Jew Lie
Like the Jews are YAHWAH Gods chosen People 
That Jesus YAHWASUA was a Jew
That the Jews are a Semetic People
That the Jews are Hebrews
That the Jews are Israel

Spoken in Aramaic 
Written in Paleo (Old) Hebrew at that Time

Sabbath bloody Sabbath


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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Smoke On the Water


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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Motorhead Lost Woman Blues Live


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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill


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Frank Zappa MS Pinky


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Friday, 15 August 2014

The Byrds - Eight Miles High


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Motorhead Silence When You Speak to Me




Friday, 8 August 2014

Broadsword and the Beast



Jonathan Gray Red Sea Crossing - Congealed

Red Sea Crossing Site Rediscovered

Motorhead I Ain't No Nice Guy - Acoustic Ballad


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