WHITE WESTERN ADAMIC MAN - the true ISRAEL of the Bible ... Genesis 2:7 ... John 1:14 ... TOY GUNS

WHITE WESTERN ADAMIC MAN - the true ISRAEL of the Bible ... Genesis 2:7 ... John 1:14 ... TOY GUNS
ARCHIVE - CHRISTCHURCH IDES of MARCH FAKE MOSQUE ATTACKS - In recent history, from the Vietnam war to the present, the month of March has been chosen by the Pentagon and NATO military planners as the “best month” to go to war. Forensics prove unmistakably that the shell casings were added in exposing photo shopped fakery as being virtually indisputable. Fake entrance way. Why are You not supposed to watch the video? Because nobody was killed. Just when You thought it was safe to say "Conspiracy Theorist". Politicians are crises actors engaged in a perpetual state of damage control Who create crisis then play out real life parts in the crises that they have created. Proselyte adherents in bondage to the doctrine dogma of Sanhedrin Democracy Political Economic Religious. State terrorism does not and cannot exist without State sponsorship and support. I have proven conclusively without shadow of a doubt the NZ Government to be complicit implicated and in collusion. Undeniably treason. Democracy represents nothing more than a Jewish Owned and controlled central bank. WW2 making Europe safe for Democracy. Judaism is Communism pure and simple. Takeover and control.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Boris "Toto" Johnson - The Anal Swabs (lock)Down In Africa



Covid-19 coronavirus: Auckland in alert level 3 lockdown for a week, rest of NZ at level 2 - Jacinda Ardern - the Show must go on

NZ Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Picture: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images 

Shill in Chief

A shill is someone Who is trying to sell You something that does not exist


Socialist communist proselytes are determined and intent on undermining and destroying the NZ economy albeit middle to reduce lower income earners into communist state dependency and despair ... all based on the pretext of a lie with no substantiating evidence to justify such... a total and complete farce ... counterfeit in all it's entirety






Billy Te Kahika accuses the media of suppressing the truth behind Covid-19



The Ministry of Health has this afternoon been notified of a positive case. Photo / file

Friday, 26 February 2021

World War II In HD Colour-1-13

 World War II in HD Colour: The Gathering Storm (Part 1/13) - YouTube 


WW1 extended for two unnecessary years to rescue the failed Bolshevik Jew revolution of 1905

WW2 to save communism and make Europe safe for Democracy

Perl Harbor to prevent a Japanese attack on Russia and the opening of a second front

World War II in HD Colour - Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia


 Shoot Around the Corner: The Krummlauf, a Gun With Bent-Barrel ~ Vintage  Everyday 




Which is what bought this to mind ... Tanks! Evolution of a Legend (Episode 5) Sturmgeschutze and Panzerjaeger

Come in at about 00:07:00




Pin en Ferdinand

Krummlauf grease: The bent-barrel SMG meant to shoot from inside a tank  (VIDEO) :: Guns.comPin on A Few Misc. Weapons pics

Roy Harper - HQ 1975 Full Album - strictly for disciples of Roy Harper ...

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What is the CHURCH? the BRIDE and BODY of CHRIST the BEFORE ENDING (Of the Age) the essential Truthfromgod

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At the End of the Age
Apocalypse Revelation
The ELOHEEM ELECT the wheat is gathered into the barn which is the body of YAHWAH
The Ekkylessia Qahal the Very Elect the called out ones the Church are gathered into the Body of Christ
We are all one in YAHWAH
I and My Father are one
Only ELOHEEM ELECT enter and go out of the Holy City New Jerusalem
The Ekkylessia Qahal do not go out

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Bachman Turner Overdrive-Just Look at Me Now

        BTO – Hard And Fast (1990, CD) - Discogs 





Bachman-Turner Overdrive Not Fragile with Lyrics in Description - YouTube