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Saturday, 13 June 2020

Calls to rethink name 'Picton' as history emerges of 'cruel' slave-owner - How ridiculous can You get?

Celebrated war hero Sir Thomas Picton has been denounced for his treatment of slaves.


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Pictured foreground Mabel Island

Welcome to Picton TOP 10 | Picton TOP 10 Holiday Park 
The Big Totara
Queen Charlotte Sound named after Mulatto Queen Charlotte Wife of King George 111
In Maori Mythology
Waikawa Bay at top right the breaking waters
The waters that break before a Woman gives birth
Maori Name Waitohi (Not Named after Te Rauparaha's' Daughter)
The entrance way
Essons Valley the Gushing Waters
Mount Pleasant the Clitoris
Para Swamp the Womb
From where the Totara were sourced to build Waka Maori Canoe
Which also were seen prolific quantities of White Pine
Whose demise was spelled by the establishing of a butter factory at Koromiko
Because butter could be put into box's made of Kahikatea for export without being tainted.
Interesting too
Tane "Man"
Adam in the Bible
Hebrew aw-dawm
Mistranslated "Man" 
In Māori mythology, Tāne is the god of forests and of birds, and the son of Ranginui and Papatūanuku, the sky father and the earth mother, who used to lie in a tight embrace where their many children lived in the darkness between them. On Tahiti, Tane was the god of peace and beauty. 
Compare NUT Egyptian Goddess 

It has been suggested that Picton's Name be replaced with it's Maori Name Waitohi 
Only problem being that Maori had slaves too
Which were lead around live
Then knocked on the head for fresh food as the circumstances presented themselves

Maori cannibalism widespread but ignored, academic says 

This Horrid Practice.jpg
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                                                                                  He Taonga



Video: Botanist Philip Simpson shares his love of totara - thisNZlife 
Mighty Totara
Kahikatea • Tāne's Tree Trust
Kahikatea "White Pine"

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Isaiah - John

Heading Banner

If You tear everything out of the KJV Bible and just leave Isaiah and John You pretty much have a complete Bible ... .......

The Bible is the most racist Book ever written
Because from cover to cover it is only talking to one group of people
NOT Jews origin earth
YAHWAH GODS chosen people Israel
The Edah the whole Israel Nation
But more specifically His ELOHEEM children Israel
The Elect
From Whom the Very Elect are called out from
The Ekkylessia Qahal 
All ELOHEEM are White Adamic
But not all White Adamics are ELOHEEM
There is Israel the creation origin earth - Living Souls
A Beginning and an Ending
And Israel the ELOHEEM origin heaven - A dichotomy a Spirit and a Soul
Life precedes eternal Death
'the' Death a cycle of Life and Death until Redemption and Resurrection precedes Eternal Life
The creation is Alive and Living a Life now
The ELOHEEM are here in 'the' Death to procure a Life
Not all of Israel are of Israel
Many are called
But few are chosen for the Church
The body of Christ

I (Cat) have seen the Shakana- Dweller mistranslated Comforter KJV (John 14)
Which is the Barn the Body of YAHWAH God
The Body of Jesus Christ YAHWASUA
Into which the Wheat is gathered at the End of the Age

John 1:18
No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

Psalms 82
6 “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” 
“But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.” 
8 “Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.” 
Lesser eternal Gods because they were taken out of YAHWAH God Who is eternal
Past Present and Future
No beginning
No End 

St. John on Patmos by Harold Copping | Patmos, John of patmos, Art

Enosh Lives Matter - Enosh are separate and do not have a Spirit - Creations origin earth - Enosh pre White Adamic

 Protests in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement have erupted all over the world, including in Auckland last week.

Man and Beast

YAHWAHS Racial Laws

YAHWAHS Immigration Laws

We are instructed to discriminate
'Formed' into the earth separate to remain separate 

Genesis 2:7
“And the LORD God YAHWAH formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the holy spirit; and 'the' Adam Et YAdam became a living soul.” 

John 1:14 
And 'the' Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Jesus Christ YAHWASUA Who was 'the' Word in heaven from before the World was from before the foundation of the World Who was 'the' First and 'the' Last Adam and Who will be the Anointed Messiah (By YAHWAH God) when He returns (AGAIN)

Psalms 82:8 
“Arise, O ELOHEEM, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.” 

Luke 12:51 
Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:

A Black Lives Matter protest was held in Auckland last week.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Canned Heat_ Archive

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