Mosque schoosting attacks for dummies. Recognise the facial features? This is Brenton Tarrant the alleged Christchurch Mosques attacker being arrested. This clown show like the fake video is embarrassingly bad and a joke. So much wrong here. . The purported Gunman BRENTON TARRANT had TWO DIFFERENT vehicles. Both belonged to the NZ SECURITY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE, so it was inextricably an INSIDE JOB ....... multiple levels of players littering and embroidering the crime scape in what constituted a very sophisticated and elaborate deception and fraud ....... CLICK ON IMAGE for detailed video analysis including run down on freely available REPLICA TOY GUNS (Twink not included) used in the so called 'attacks'.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Israel's Fingerprints - Bertrand L Comparet

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  2. The Sermons of Bertrand L Comparet
    Bertrands extensive Knowledge and understanding of the Bible and His profound grip on the course of events in History pertaining to it provide a very powerful and fulfilling legacy