Saturday, 6 August 2016

911 - What Really Happend?

911 soup


Neutrons are attracted to water

years 911 statement
                               911 Ghost Plane defies Laws of Physics and of Reality



  2. The Twin Towers did not collapse
    Unlike WTC 7 which was a conventional demolition - "Pull it"
    They were vapourized
    There is only one thing that possess's the necessary rate of expansion to achieve this objective
    To destroy the molecular compound of concrete and reduce it to it's constituent element
    And steel columns 6.5 inchs thick at their base
    Approximately 6100 Meters per second
    Or 21325.45932 Feet (ft) per second
    And that would have to be Mini Nukes
    Witness's fleeing the scene reported looking back and seeing people being vapourized
    Neutron's are attracted to water
    We are water
    And pneuma