Sunday, 24 April 2016

Eustace Mullins - the Secrets of the Federal Reserve

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  1. the United States is recognized as 'the Plantation'
    A Tax Farm
    the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 to fund WW1 and all subsequent Wars
    After failed attempts in 1811 and 1833
    Under Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson respectively
    the IRS was created at the same time
    And the Anti Defamation League
    To protect the 'Fed' with a Body Guard of Lies
    the idea was to saddle the American Tax Payer with the perpetual and perennial Debt interest Owed on paper monies created out of nothing and backed by nothing other than fresh air
    Issued as Federal Reserve Currency
    Under the guise of Fractional Reserve Banking
    Which is called Usury
    And condemned in the Bible
    'God Bless America'
    That the Federal Reserve being a privately Owned Banking Consortium
    Amounts to nothing more than a legalized enshrined in Law jewish Mafia extortion racket
    It works the same for everyone
    Only Iran and North Korea are off the list
    Not having a Rothschild jew Red Shield Central Bank
    the Bank of England being the Mother of all Central Banks

  2. Eustace Mullin Babylons Money