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Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh

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  1. McVeigh had been filmed by a security camera at a nearby McDonald's 24 minutes before the time stamped on the truck rental agreement, wearing clothes that did not match either of the men seen at Elliott's.
    There is no plausible explanation of how he traveled the mile and a quarter from McDonald's to the rental agency, car less and alone as he claims, without getting soaked in the rain.

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  2. Can We draw a comparison between WTC 7 and the Federal Murrah Building in Oklahoma City?
    Add Enron to this list
    Do Your Own Research on this
    On to Oklahoma
    I have absolutely no evidence whatsoever to substantiate what amounts to speculation on My part which could in fact be true to the extent that the Federal Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was being used to deposit and store Documents from Investigations pertaining to the failed Penn Square Bank

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