Saturday, 1 August 2015

"Hitler Founded Israel" - 1933 The Transfer Agreement - Without Hitler Israel Would Not Exist

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Eichmann and Heydrich must go!

“In 1935 the steamer “Tel Aviv” made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast.”

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The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party.

The ship transported German Jews who had taken advantage of the “Haavara” program, which allowed them to exchange their money for its value in German products in Palestine.
As a result, the fledgling Jewish colony received about 70,000 highly educated German Jews and 140 million Reichmarks worth of German industrial equipment. This laid the foundation of Israel’s infrastructure.
The arrangement also boosted the Nazi economy at a time when Jews worldwide were boycotting German products. (My main source is “The Secret Contacts” by Klaus Polkehn a prominent German journalist”

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