Mosque attacks for dummies. Recognise the face folks? Look closely now. Take that in? This is Brenton Tarrant the alleged Christchurch Mosques attacker being arrested. This is very bad. So much wrong here. CLICK ON IMAGE. The purported Gunman BRENTON TARRANT had TWO DIFFERENT vehicles. Both belonged to the NZ SECURITY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE, so it was an INSIDE JOB. Just relax though. A Commission of Enquiry is to be convened which is rigged to fail from the outset when the criminals who being responsible for having executed the crime are put in charge of investigating it. While it's primary purpose and objective being the obfuscation and suppression of vital intrinsic evidence, the crucial factor in determining the outcome of a proper thorough and legitimate enquiry. It's outcome already haven been decided upon in what constitutes a preempted forgone conclusion. Resultant in a predictable whitewash, with it's starting point being unreserved acceptance of the official narrative of what happened and following it's sequence of events as they unfolded. Tarrant purportedly is to appear before the Commission via Video Link and there is to be no filming or recording. Will the video be permitted or even allowed to surface in any way shape or form in seeking to avoid the risk of any possible unnecessary conflict of interest and complexities arising from such which consequences being contradictory? Is Brenton Tarrant even in NZ? The Courts are all controlled by Officers of the Court, paid Court Officials and presided over by a Judge who allows what is allowed to be said and what evidence is deemed as being acceptable and that which as being questionable objectionable or irrelevant. Thereby coercing guided proceedings and channelling such into achieving the desired Political perspective and aim which is to sanitise and to legitimise the Governments Own blatant propaganda and lies as being a true account fit for public consumption. The Courts are all Babylonian right down to the dark robes and exist solely and explicitly to keep those in power in power and to meter out the Law and not to Administer Justice. It presents itself as being no mere coincidence that a Mason, no doubt High ranking has been appointed as Judge to reside over in carrying out mock proceedings in this case. It remains absolutely diabolical being almost incomprehensible the level and degree of Government induced corruption stemming from what is labelled Democracy, cloaked over this event with multiple levels of players littering and embroidering the crime scape. This narrative is constantly and unremittingly reinforced through the absolute control and manipulation of the MSM which builds upon the foundation of a lie to perpetuate and entrench such in constantly bringing to Our remembrance the notion of an event that did not in fact occur. What has transpired people of New Zealand is that the NZ Government is absolutely and completely corrupt from head to foot and beyond repair and must go. It having been infiltrated and lies motionless dead in the water and inert and represents no future for Ourselves or successive generations under such a blatantly blasphemous reprobate twisted regime. What must follow in the wake of this extraordinary and bizarre event, it being beyond imperative; is an independent full and far reaching investigation innocent of Masonic influences being launched to ascertain and establish as being a true record as to implications arising from the real sequence of events.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Flight 93 Crash Site Analysis - Verdict - All a Complete Fabrication and Lies

Flight 93 (Shanksville, Pennsylvania)
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"Flights & Passengers"

[2005] An Interview with Gerard Holmgren  It was flown by tail number N591UA. The plane is still valid in the FAA aircraft registry. The scene where it is alleged to have crashed shows no evidence of any aircraft wreckage.


Video - Ace Baker - The Key to Solving 911 -  there were no planes                                                                                          
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[2012 March] Who Really Recovered the Remains in Shanksville? by Christopher Bollyn
[2011 Sept] Savagery: 9/11’s Legacy of Crime By Gordon Duff  Some believe a plane that crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania was supposed to hit that building but couldn’t. A wild story was invented about passengers taking over the plane. They made that into a movie. Nothing in that movie can be proven true, not a single fact. It is entirely fiction.
[2011 Sept] 9/11 Unveiled (part 8 of 10): Flight 93
[2010 Feb 4] The Shanksville Deception of 9-11 by Christopher Bollyn
[2009 Nov] Foreword to Solving 9-11 & the Mystery of Flight 93 by Christopher Bollyn
[2006] Where is the Wreckage of UAL 93? By Glen Stanish, ATP
[2006 May] The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93 by Christopher Bollyn 
[2006] Dismembering the Fairy Tale of Flight 93, Part 1 by Dave McGowan (Nov. 11, 2006)
[2006] Dismembering the Fairy Tale of Flight 93, Part 2 by Dave McGowan( Nov. 11, 2006)
[2006] Dimembering the Fairy Tale of Flight 93, Part 3 by Dave McGowan (Nov. 11, 2006)
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[2005 July 15] Eyewitnesses Saw Military Aircraft at Scene of Flight 93 by Christopher Bollyn 
[2001] What Really Happened to Flight 93? by David McGowan
[vid] CNN- Flight 93 eyewitness admits not seeing dead bodies
[vid] Proof that 9/11 flight 93 did not crash at Shanksville
[vid] Eyewitness to Shanksville Crash - It Was Not a 757
[vid] U.S. Navy 'Top Gun' Pilot Questions 9/11
Flight 93: The Improbable Truth by Robb Magley
Flight 93: The Many Misquotes of Wallace Miller
"Fake Driver's License Found at Flight 93 Crash Site"


Lack of Aircraft Debris

The key evidence that the official story of Flight 93 is a complete lie is the missing Boeing 757 at the “crash site” in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. A Boeing 757-200 weighs +120,000 lbs (+54,000 kg) empty, has a length of 155 ft 3 in (47.3 m), wingspan of 124 ft 10 in (38 m) and a tail height of 44 ft 6 in (13.6 m). All of the eyewitnesses to the crash scene, which included firemen, were amazed that there was no evidence of the plane. There was a lot of small debris and paper, but 120,000 lbs of aircraft apparently disappeared. According to the official story, the one-time open pit mine had been filled with soft dirt which “liquefied” when the plane hit. The entire plane buried itself deeply in the ground. However, note the imprint of the tail. It is not very deep and there is no evidence of any debris from the tail.

The Faked Crash Imprint

The second key piece of evidence is the shape of the impact crater, or the crash imprint. The official story is that the 757 was at an extremely low altitude (less than 500 feet or 150 meters), the plane rolled onto its back and crashed at +500 mph (800 kmh). The crash imprint shows a vertical, or nearly vertical, impact. It is impossible for a 757 to change from horizontal flight a to vertical dive within a few hundred vertical feet – particularly when its at twice its’ design speed for low altitude. Further, the all-electronic control systems of Boeing 757s have pre-set software limits that prevents pilots from making dangerous maneuvers: such as inverted flight or vertical dives. The crash imprint and lack of debris and fire damage outside the crater could only have been caused by a vertical, or near vertical crash. And this was not possible.

The Circular Crater

The third item evidence is the circular crater. Note that it is off-center of the tail imprint. If this crater were caused by the fuselage, it should be directly under the tail imprint. If the plane crashed at an angle, with one wing striking before the other, the crater could be off-center – however, the tail imprint would be larger. The circular crater is indicative of a below ground explosion.

Grass Growing in the Crater

The fourth piece of evidence is the grass and weeds growing in the areas where the “wing tips” and “tail assembly” imprinted the ground. Grass and vegetation is also seen growing on the sides of the burning crater walls! This grass must be the same as the PentaLawn grass, which is able to grow back within immediately after plane crashes. Clearly, the crash crater was made before 9/11 – long enough for grass to grow.

Lack of Fire Damage
The fifth piece of evidence that the official government story is a lie is the lack of fire damage. A Boeing 757 has a fuel capacity of 11,489 gal (43,490 l). Flight 93 was full for its planned cross country trip to California and would have had more than 9,000 gal (34,000 l) when it crashed. To put this inperspective, this amount of fuel would fill 500 automobiles. There is almost no fire damage outside the crash crater and that is only in the nearby woods.
The Mushroom Cloud
The sixth item of evidence is the picture taken moments after the crash which shows a relatively small mushroom cloud of smoke with a narrow base. There is no extended smoke base which would be typical of aircraft crash. It is indicative of high explosive.
The Missing Three Minutes
The government asserts that Flight 93 crashed at 10:03 AM. A seismic recording station recorded a major event at 10:06 AM. Seismic recordings are calibrated by atomic clocks which are incredibly accurate. Cleveland Air Traffic Control also had the flight on its radar at 10:06 AM. Again, the government story contradicts physical evidence. While this does not provide any proof that Flight 93 did not crash, it does illustrate government complicity.
Evidence Summary
To summarize, the physical evidence does not show that a Boeing 757-200 crashed at Shanksville:
• Amount of debris not consistent with a +120,000 lb aircraft
• Crash imprint could only be caused by a vertical, or near vertical crash, which was not possible
• Circular crater indicative of a below ground explosion
• Grass and weeds are growing in the crater which clearly indicates the crater was made before 9/11
• Lack of fire damage
• Mushroom cloud not consistent with 9,000 gallons of fuel exploding and burning
• The three minute discrepancy
• Flight 93: of the 45 people who are listed as dying on this flight, only 6 are listed in the SSDI (13%)Of these 45 people, none are on the 9-11 Compensation Fund list: None.
Flight 93, no crash. No “Lets Roll”
What Probably Happened at Shanksville
As the 757 flew over the crash site, pre-planted explosives (remember this is a former mine) were detonated creating the central crater. This caused the mushroom cloud in the photo. The wing and tail imprints were dug in advance, plus some of the central crater, long enough for grass to grow. Aircraft debris, paper and fuel were pre-planted and blown out by the explosives.
What happened to the plane and its passengers? We don’t know. There is some evidence, as presented by the researcher woody box, that Flight 93 landed at Cleveland-Hopkins airport.
Other Oddities and Coincidences

There are numerous other oddities and coincidences concerning Flight 93: ranging from terror drills at nearby airports to debris found miles away at two separate locations. Further, a C-130H cargo plane saw Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon, continued on its journey to Minneapolis; was at the Flight 93 crash site and continued on its journey. Plus, the impossible cell phone calls, the political and corporate connections to the land where Flight 93 crashed and much, much more
Hollywood Profits Off 911 Misery And Death With Flight 93 Movie, Failing To Question Bogus Government Story

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