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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Age of the First Resurrection and the First Death

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We are in the AGE of the FIRST resurrection which consists of a lot of individual resurrections for those who are being "perfected" who become the BODY of administrators for the government of YAHWAH coming into earth.Death precedes Life. It is during this AGE that only a few of YAHWAH'S children ELOHEEM are getting their switch flipped. Since they are "perfected" in this age of FIRST death and resurrection, then they are reigning and ruling prior to the SECOND death and resurrection in which still MORE of YAHWAH'S children are "perfected". Eventually ALL AGES of death and resurrection are done away with since they have no more purpose, for the ALL the ELOHEEM, children of YAHWAH have been perfected for the work pertaining to governing earth.
This thing earth, 3D, is only a stepping stone. Those perfected in the FIRST age of death and resurrection reign and rule for a period of time expressed as a 1,000 years, and then they move on beyond 3D earth. This begins the SECOND death and resurrection on 3D earth for ELOHEEM that were not "perfected" during the FIRST AGE of death and resurrection. During this AGE some more ELOHEEM are "perfected" and then they reign and rule on 3D earth thereby filling the positions vacated by the first group that progressed beyond 3D earth.
Earth, 3D, is like an incubator and after the eggs are hatched, then comes the brooder in which the chicks feather out. After this they are released into the chicken yard and grow up into mature birds that can FLY. There is an ongoing order to things. When the incubator is emptied, then it is refilled. The incubator is NOT where the chick begins life. Even though the chick is in the egg, it is already alive, if not then NOTHING hatches in the incubator. As a mature flying bird the chicken then produces LIFE and begins to lay eggs which are then placed in the incubator. It is during the FIRST step, the incubator, that the egg shell passes away and the chick has NO resemblance to it, but what it produces is identical to it.
Jesus said it this way. Except a seed go into the ground, 3D earth, and dies (comes into this death) it will not live, mature, and produce, bear fruit. As mature, "perfected" you will do greater works than these (then what I've done).
How? Produce more eggs, bear more fruit.
There is much more that can be said, but you can see a basic fundamental principle at work.

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