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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Top 88 Sites - NATIONAL ZIONIST - Sieg Heil "Onwards to Victory - a Triumph and Trophy"

Top 88 Sites

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Nationale-Revolution - Stats

Nationale Diskussionsplattform
Category: General | Movement:

SS Relics - Stats

Showcasing original Waffen-SS Tunics, Waffen SS Headgear, SS Posters, SS Propaganda, SS Uniforms, SS Insignia, SS Allach Porcelain
Category: General | Movement:

14 words global network - Stats

14 words global network
14 Words Global Network is an online resource for people of European descent around the world. We are devoted to bringing you news that the mainstream media feels isn’t newsworthy. Today, many stories remain hidden only being reported in local areas, when
Category: General | Movement:

White Aryan Resistance - Stats

Deadly struggle of White Aryan World on all frontiers. White Power, Aryan Heritage against - Jewish Zionism. White Revolution against ZOG.
Category: General | Movement:

RacMusik - Stats

Musik Filme ....
Category: Music | Movement:

Radio White - Micetrap 100% Free Radio 24/7 - Stats

100% free streaming audio radio stations that are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!
Category: Music | Movement: - biography, discography, lyrics, photos, videos - Stats

A tribute website for Ian Stuart Donaldson
Category: Music | Movement:

Battalion 14 - Stats

Dedicated To ACTivism
Category: General | Movement:


Category: Music | Movement:

Krieg88 - Stats

NSBM blog
Category: Music | Movement:

Aryan Vanguard - Stats

Aryan Vanguard
Aryan Vanguard - Militant resistance is our only defense.
Category: General | Movement:

Libros Nacionalsocialistas y nacionalistas (Books NS) - Stats

Libros Nacionalsocialistas y nacionalistas (Books NS)
It paginates of books NS, in Spanish and several languages
Category: Heritage & Culture | Movement:

Maresalul Ion Antonescu - Stats

Maresalul Ion Antonescu
Blog creat in memoria Maresalului Ion Antonescu
Category: Heritage & Culture | Movement:

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  1. Nationalsozialistisches Gemeinschafts Forum - Community, Radio, Musik, Filme, Chat usw

  2. There has been an immense amount of interest shown in this site

  3. Nationalsozialistisches Gemeinschafts Forum - Community, Radio, Musik, Filme, Chat usw


  5. Nationalsozialistisches Gemeinschafts Forum - Community, Radio, Musik, Filme, Chat usw

  6. What would have been if Hitler a Rothschild Jew had not been a British Agent Trained at Tavistock Devon England
    Like Stalin
    Whose job it was
    In between his bouts of coprophilia
    To lose the War

  7. Hi.
    Excellent website . It proved helpful to me !

  8. Do not mix
    Do not mingle
    Do not fuck with
    Never allow the alien to reside within
    Never allow the alien to rule over You
    We the Eloheem were formed into the earth separate to remain separate
    We are not creations
    But Spiritual Light stately beings inside a Creation
    Flesh and blood body
    A vehicle to come into 3D
    Who existed in heaven with Yahwah God before the foundation of the world


  10. Angela Merkel carries on a Family tradition
    Hitler British Agent
    Charged with the responsibility of losing the war
    And the destruction of Germany