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FLEE THE LIBERAL CITIES WHILE YOU CAN - A Glimpse into the Future Decay of US Cities and the Reduction of the 'Middle Class' Buffer Zone


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 Revelation 17:2
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Oil Prices on Rise Amid US Announcement to End Waivers for Iranian Oil Buyers - Reinventing WW2

Iranian Revolutionary Guard speedboat moves in the Persian Gulf near an oil tanker (File)

The US imposed harsh sanctions on the Iranian energy industry in November 2018 following its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal in May. However, Washington provided waivers to several states that were actively buying Iranian oil in order for them to be able to diversify their supply sources.
Prices on the key WTI and Brent crude oil blends have sharply increased amid reports of the looming end of sanctions waivers on countries that buy Iranian oil, a move that was officially confirmed on 22 April by the White House. WTI increased by 2.34% over the course of the day, with the price at one point reaching $65.92 per barrel, but later stabilised around $65.57.
Brent rose to $73.96 per barrel after gaining 2.77%, with the price remaining more or less stable. Canadian crude showed the greatest growth, gaining almost 3% and finishing at around $52.59 per barrel. The prices spiked following media reports that Washington could soon end its waivers for Iranian oil buyers.
The move is intended to reduce Iran's oil exports "to zero", depriving the world market of its crude. This could result in oil prices rising significantly, as Iran is one of the biggest OPEC exporters. However, Saudi Arabia was quick to react, promising to stabilise the oil market's prices after waivers expire by coordinating the increase to the output with other oil producers, presumably with OPEC or OPEC+ members.
On 1 May, all previously issued waivers will cease to protect recipient countries from the American sanctions that were imposed on Tehran's energy industry in November 2018 without any grace period. Among these states are Greece, Italy, China, India, Turkey, Japan, and South Korea, as well as Taiwan.
READ MORE: Saudi Arabia Pledges to Stabilise Market as US Ends Iran Oil Waivers — Minister
The US imposed sanctions against the Iranian banking, energy, and shipping sectors after its withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Action (JCPOA), an agreement that saw those sanctions lifted in exchange for Tehran limiting its nuclear programme. Other signatories to the JCPOA slammed Washington's decision and reaffirmed their adherence to the accord.

September 22, 2018 members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) march during the annual military parade marking the anniversary of the outbreak of the devastating 1980-1988 war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq, in the capital Tehran

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HOW THEY DID IT - Max Igan Exposing Christchurch Massacre Irregularities_ Multiple Players

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Cracking the Code of the Red Terror Takeover

More information regarding the New Zealand “terror” event has come to light and it’s raising some red flags for me.
We’ll start with the literal red flag on the back of a truck, which the driver follows for a while, even disregarding his GPS directions to do so.

The driver continues on for a bit, then pauses on the left side of the road for a minute. It seems like he is waiting for something. Maybe a signal of some kind?

Right as soon as the person in red passes by the car, the driver switches on the strobe on his gun and then continues driving to the mosque. When he gets to the drive that he is going to turn into, there is a person in a red jumpsuit walking right in front of it.

What kind of outfit is this guy wearing?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t often see people wearing red jumpsuits when I am out and about.
We all know about the “shooting” inside the mosque by now, with the magazine magically appearing in the hallway before he arrives, the piles of dead “bodies” before he even shoots them, and the lack of blood and bullet holes, so let’s jump past that.
After the “gunman” leaves the mosque for the second time, he shoots at a woman on the sidewalk. Note the wall on the left. There is no one there as he chases down his “victim”.

Then when he turns the corner onto the sidewalk, we can see there is what looks like a person dressed in all red on the wall. Why isn’t the “gunman” shooting at this observer? I think we know the reason why.

There is plenty more about the different signs and signals that appear throughout the footage, but let’s stay focused on the people in red.
Exactly one week after the shooting (3/15), a horror movie was released titled Us on Skull and Bones day (3/22), directed by Jordan Peele, who previously made the anti-White horror movie Get Out. Instead of crazy White supremacists as the villains, it’s copies of regular people who do the terrorizing, and they’re dressed in red jumpsuits


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Climate System Science - Towards a Blue Ocean Event - Videos

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New Attenborough Video
Man the Author of His Own Destruction and misfortune
We are slowly but surely destroying the planet and Our environment
In persuit of the Golden Calf
the Golden Calf brought destruction then
And it will bring destruction now

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